BtoasterBoy (AKA Toaster or XandoToaster on IRC and NUMA) is an active American highscorer on both metanet levels and userlevels and a semi-active mapper. He has started playing N around 2004, but took a break after few months and came back in September 2013. He casually played Npoints Season 2, placing 11th, and actively played Season 3, placing 2nd. He was runner up in Season 4, behind pzylL. He has been appointed as a Moderator of the Metanet Forums. He co-ran season 5 and 6 with shomman.

Mapping Edit

BtoasterBoy is a semi-active mapper. He tagged all his levels as part of different series, which include:

  • Level
  • Central
  • Timing
  • Experiments
  • Visual Art

He also has a NUMA account where he used to upload selected levels (link).

His maps have received praise for their original ideas and high level of playability.

He has made maps for Npoints on multiple occasions.

Playing Edit

(As of October 25th, 2015)

BtoasterBoy is a semi-active player. He plays Npoints and Metanet almost exclusively. Toaster has had a few pure Metanet 0ths in his highscoring time, but most of his highscoring energy is devoted to gaining top 10's. His maximum top 10 count is 173. He gained his first top 10 on 45-3: it's tricky. 82-2: fear of toast was his first - and favourite - 0th.

He also enjoys route-innovation, such as his complete change of route on 66-4: race to the top.

He reached 100 Metanet top 10s in mid-February, 2015, mostly due to a rivalry between himself and shomman