Cineva (Someone translated from Romanian) is a semi-active Romanian highscorer, known for their[1] high level of skill and bursts of Metanet activity.

Cineva has not had much interaction with the community, but has used their Forum account and come on the IRC a few times.

Metanet Edit

(As of 25 November, 3:35 GMT)

Cineva is very present on the Metanet boards, with 29 0ths (5 tied), which puts them 5th on the ranking. They have 137 top 10 scores (15th), 110 of which are top 5's, giving them an average rank of 2.8th (5th).

As mentioned above, Cineva has a very fluctuating presence on Metanet, where they would go from months of inactivity to a flurry of activity. The most recent of these was in the mid 40's column, where they took 6 0ths and many top 10s in just a couple of days. These 0ths were lost soon after, mostly taken by oxymoron93.

Notes Edit

  1. The gender neutral "they" is used, because Cineva's gender is unknown, due to an accusation of being the same person as cris56700.