History Edit

Around June of 2016, Nv2 IRC users made the jump to the new, universal N (joining Nv1.4, Nv2, and N+/N++ players all together in one place) Discord chat, created by discord user DanyDanman. At the current moment the N++ discord chat utilizes 16 different chat channels and several voice channels, all within easy, one-click access of the users and all with distinct purposes. Presently, the chat consistently maintains anywhere from 100 - 200 players at anytime of day and as more and more of the community discover the discord chat, that number gradually increases.

About Discord Edit

Created and released in May, 2015 by development team "Hammer & Chisel" (now known as Discord Inc.), Discord is a VoiP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) application and chat for gamers and communities alike to gather on and be able to communicate effortlessly and easily over either a downloaded application version or the online version of the software. Discord is said to take the best aspects of apps like Skype and Teamspeak and meshes them together to create an easy to use program that any community can utilize.