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Seeker zap drone, laser drone and chaingun drone chasing the ninja

Drones are some of the most common enemies in N. There are 3 different types of drones:

Some players consider the other kinds of enemies to be drones. That assumption is, obviously, false.

Pathfinding algorithmsEdit

Every drone follows one of four movement patterns, which define how the drone's direction of movement changes as it goes its path. The four pathfinding algorithms are:

  • Dumb Clockwise,
  • Dumb Counter-Clockwise,
  • Surfacefollow Clockwise,
  • Surfacefollow Counter-Clockwise,

The "dumb" pathfinding forms cause the drone to turn either clockwise (E) or counter-clockwise (Q) when it would otherwise move into a space occupied by a tile or beyond a wall.

The "surfacefollow" pathfinding forms cause the drone to keep one side against a tile or door at any time. If the drone is to move clockwise (C), it keeps its right side against a tile; if the drone is to move counter-clockwise (Z), it keeps its left side against a tile. Any time that the indicated side leaves contact with a tile, the drone rotates in its given direction until it can once again progress with its side against a tile.