Johan1996 (now Nahoj) is an inactive Dutch mapper and player. He initiated the weekly competition - NPoints which is currently run principally by BtoasterBoy and shomman. He is also an admin on the unofficial N++ Forum he made and a former Nv2 Forum admin and moderator.

Mapping Edit

Nahoj is a very decent mapmaker. He mostly makes races and simple yet tricky maps.

Playing Edit

(As of October 25th, 2015)

Nahoj is also a very good player, but he holds only 4 metanet top 10 scores (3 with Nahoj and 1 with Johan1996; ranked 8th as Nahoj and 130th as Johan1996) and has gained 15 points overall(10 with Nahoj and 5 with Johan1996; ranked 90th as Nahoj and 129th as Johan1996).He innovated the route for 14-0, however this level is currently owned by cooperverdon.