jp27ace is a semi-active highscorer who's made his first overall N appearance in February 2012 and first Nv2 appearance very soon after its release in 2013. He has started highscoring with a giant kick, reaching a very high place on 0ths rankings and peaking at 1st place on top 10 rankings, both of which he held for around a year. From then on, he slowly started sliding down the rankings, mainly due to his limited activity and many new talented players taking some of his 0ths. He came back to highscoring in mid-2015, his main rivalry being with shomman and oxymoron93.

jp27ace is renowned for his innovations and route changes.

Highscoring Edit

(As of October 25th, 2015)

jp27ace is in 5th place on 0ths rankings, having 30 0ths (3 of which are ties). He's in 2nd place on top 10 rankings with 446 top 10s, and in 5th place on top 5 rankings with 182 top 5s. He gathered 2169 points total, which gives him 4th place in the points rankings. His average rank is 5.137th (ranked 14th)