KoopaTroopa (AKA Koopa; now known as Sorglos) is a semi-active Australian highscorer and map maker. He has started playing in June 2014, so far completing only about 20 episodes of the built in game, but has been very active on userlevels and Metanet Levels. He has also casually competed in all 3 Seasons of Npoints, placing 15th in Season 1, 8th in Season 2, and 10th in Season 3.


(As of October 25th, 2015)

KoopaTroopa has held a variety of different 0ths, as he generally focuses on route changes, rather than clean 0ths. Most notably, 76-1: clambering, which was a complete route change and very difficult to pull off, as well as 21-3: deku, which he changed the start of, enabling a much faster run and eliminating the bottleneck.

In mid-2014 KoopaTroopa entered the scene as a notably talented rookie, competing almost immediately with many experienced players on userlevels. From here, his knowledge and control of N improved remarkably, and so for a greater challenge he took to the metanet level highscore boards where he started to cement his place as a highscoring enthusiast with multiple top 10 scores achieved all with barely a few months of overall experience with N.