Miller is an active American highscorer and occasional mapper. He is active on the IRC, but not on the forums.

Metanet Edit

(As of October 25th, 2015)

Miller has a very small metanet presence, despite his skill on userlevels. He currently has six 0ths, but all of them are tied, so they're not listed in the 0ths rankings. He has 19 top 10s, ranked 35th, and 7 top 5s - ranked 25th. He has 88 points from these top 10s, ranked 31st.

IRC Edit

Miller is agreed upon as the comedian of the chat. The following are some of his more significant quotes (may include curse words):

[13:46:00] <miller> what if this whole time cutebot wasn't a bot? Just some weirdo that hangs around on random chats
[13:46:01] <cutebot> Try it and see.
[13:46:19] * miller is now known as millerbot
[13:46:31] <millerbot> trying it
[13:46:41] <E_S> hi millerbot
[13:46:50] <millerbot> fuck off beep boop
[13:46:52] <millerbot> cunt
[09:02:45] <miller> My dad told me once, riding a scooter is like having sex with a fat lady. Fun to ride, but you don't want your friends to know you do it.
[11:50:25] <milker> If you think 15 is a sexy number then have fun in jail buddy
[18:00:43] <oxymoron93> da mn , I would like to be Australian
[18:01:11] <miller> your name would turn to oxyshomman if you were aussie
[10:23:54] <miller> I tried really hard on it
[10:24:54] <shomman> i can tell
[10:25:01] <shomman> by the way you just stopped moving in some places
[10:25:03] <shomman> to look around
[10:27:17] <miller> that was me trying to get style points
[10:27:32] <miller> striking a pose in the middle of the run
[10:03:22] <helloslyhello> At least its not my maths teacher
[10:03:45] <helloslyhello> he turns his head 180 degrees...
[10:03:56] <helloslyhello> with that raoe face, oh god
[10:04:03] <miller> rape face?
[10:04:07] <helloslyhello> yep
[10:04:14] <helloslyhello> he's a little
[10:04:15] <shomman> delightful
[10:04:16] <helloslyhello> umm
[10:04:23] <helloslyhello> yeah, yeah
[10:04:25] <miller> are you homeschooled?
[18:50:09] <miller> Australia just isn't hot. I haven't been there but I just know.
[18:50:19] <shomman> lol
[18:50:20] <shomman> what is "hot" for you
[18:50:41] <miller> looking in the mirror
<miller> I'm driving to olympia to hike through the woods to my friend's sailboat to pick up his cat because he is in the hospital
<miller> if anyone asks why I'm gone, tell them I'm getting some pussy