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Ninja evading a homing zap drone

The ninja is the stick-figure character the player controls in N. The ninja officially has no name, although it is often called N, which actually refers to the "Way of the Ninja" in the game. This is a mistake made by many people. The Ninja is also without gender (however, it's commonly considered as a male).

The goal of each level is to get the ninja to hit the exit switch and get to the exit. However, drones and other enemies will attempt to stop the ninja from reaching the exit. The player must avoid them all to get to the exit without harm. One has to be careful, because just one hit is enough to kill the ninja, making them have to start the level over. When the ninja finally touches the exit, the player will see one out of eight different victory poses. When the player completes a column in N, they will get a new flavour (color) for their ninja, as a reward for the hard work and effort.