NyanCat_Polska (real name Alan Woźniak) is an active Polish player and IRC / Discord user, and a former mapper. He plays both the 2.0 version and NReality as well as N++.

Playing Edit

(As of October 25th, 2015)

NyanCat_Polska is a decent player, mostly scoring on userlevels. On metanet, he has just 3 top 10s (88th place) and 7 points (111th).

YouTube channel Edit

Woźniak has his own YouTube channel on which he regularly posts replays from Nv2.0 and NReality. Other than that, he used to submit clips from other (mainly rhythm) games like osu!

At some point, he also made a channel designed to publish just replays from N, called N - The Way of the Ninja.

SoundCloud Edit

NyanCat_Polska has a SoundCloud account, where he uploads experimental and dubstep / d&b music. His producer name is Amane:OG.

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NyanCat_Polska's YouTube channel

Second YouTube channel

SoundCloud account

2nd SoundCloud account