The correct form is oxymoron93, but the page name must be capitalized due to wikia requirements.

Oxy Serbian Flag

Fan-made flag created by shomman

oxymoron93 (AKA oxy and oxymoron) is an active Serbian highscorer and the current Nv2 grandmaster. He is considered one of the best Nv2 players of all time. He has played N since March 2014. He played through all of the built-in levels before making an account.

Before oxy came on the chat he would browse the user levels and play many of the hardest and longest ones, and was well known for this before his interaction with the community.

Metanet Edit

oxy is most well known for his top 10 count. He became the leader of the top 10 rankings in 2018. However, in his quest for top-10s and top-5s, he has taken an enormous number of 0ths, which eventually led him to become the Nv2 grandmaster on May 25, 2018.

oxymoron reached 50 0ths in March of 2015, dropped slowly, and then regained to his former standing. Following this was a period of very active months and on September 14, 2015 he reached a major milestone of 100 0ths. He accumulated 400 top 10s on the April 13, 2015 and expanded that number to 500 on October 28, 2015.

oxy's first 0th was 51-4: G(old) turns to D(eath), which was later taken by jp27ace, only to be eventually re-taken by the Serbian.

oxymoron93 specialises in long and difficult levels, and many of his 0ths reflect this.