pzylL is a semi-active highscorer. They[1] are mostly known for their accomplishments in the weekly tournament, Npoints, where they frequently defeat some of the best active players of the game, including shomman and XandoToaster.

Not much is known about pzylL, because they've had almost no contact with the community.

Highscoring Edit

(As of October 25th, 2015)

pzylL's highscoring activity tends to come in bursts, where they would play a few levels, and usually place 0th on those levels.

pzylL has a total of 3 metanet 0ths (1 tied; ranked 16th) , 121 metanet top 10 scores (ranked 17th), the majority of which are ex-0ths, and 57 metanet top 5 scores (ranked 13th). These levels give pzylL a total of 624 points (ranked 15th), and an average rank of 4.843th (ranked 13th).

Rivalry with XandoToaster Edit

pzylL seems to find enjoyment in doing better than XandoToaster (although this is hard to be sure of because of the lack of community contact). This became obvious when pzylL briefly had 0th on 82-2, "fear of toast", which, at the time, was XandoToaster's last 0th. Shortly after this, oxymoron93 and danielr improved on the level, and XandoToaster has not yet retaken the score.

References Edit

  1. The gender neutral "they" is used, because pzylL's gender is unknown.