THUNDER (real name Sam Hines; formerly known mainly as THUNDERBOLT, SPEEDRUNMAPPER, STORM, Snakehead, Cobra; Chinstrap, penguinthunder, and Sna on chat, SnakeekanS on both chat and NUMA) is an active Nv2 player and mapper from Wales.

He has played N since January 2006.

THUNDER is well known for having many accounts and nicknames on the IRC (many more than listed above).

Mapping Edit

As of January, 2017, he has created over 11,000 maps (counting only TBOLT, THUNDER and THUNDERBOLT accounts), which makes him the mapper with the most maps created.

He also formerly ran the weekly competition, (which has now been taken over by BtoasterBoy and shomman) Npoints (originally created by Johan1996), and makes maps for it.

THUNDER also has a NUMA account on which he submits maps he made in 2.0 (link).

Playing Edit

(As of October 25th, 2015)

THUNDER plays userlevels pretty sparsely, often appearing in the first 5. On metanet he has 12 top 10s (6 with THUNDER and 6 with THUNDERBOLT; ranked 71st as THUNDER and 71st as THUNDERBOLT) and 26 points overall (13 with THUNDER and 13 with THUNDERBOLT; ranked 81st as THUNDER and 81st as THUNDERBOLT).

Community involvement Edit

THUNDER is one of the first people who joined the Nv2 Forum, he's also its administrator. 

He won the category Social User Of The Year in Nv2 Awards in both the 2014 and the 2015 edition and also won Community Member Of The Year in the 2016 edition.