White Whale (AKA acran) is an inactive Australian highscorer who mysteriously disappeared after Christmas 2014. Before doing so, he was an active and incredibly skilled Metanet player, peaking at around 50 0ths. He also played Npoints, coming 2nd in Season 3.

He has made some maps, as has his brother Xojec. He specialised in very difficult and challenging levels.


(As of October 25th, 2015)

He has 16 0ths (7 tied), making him 8th on the 0ths Rankings. He also has 158 Metanet top 10 scores, ranking him 13th, and 62 top 5 scores, ranking him 12th. Out of total possible points score of 6000, he has 767, ranking him 12th. His average rank is 5.146th (ranked 15th).