Yoke300 is an active German well-known, highly skilled and prolific mapper, as well as a casual highscorer.

Mapping Edit

Yoke's levels are among the most popular on Nv2, due to them being above the grade of most levels. He sorts his levels in a similar fashion to Metanet levels, naming them, for example, 86-4 Npunzel. He has published a choice selection of his maps on NUMA as well, under the name Yoke3000.

Some of his own favourite maps that he's made include:

Yoke has made maps for multiple seasons of Npoints

Yoke has won the Nv2 awards 2015 in the category 'Mapper of the year'

Metanet Edit

Yoke has a small presence on Metanet, with 28 top 10 scores (Ranked 30th).