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(As written in the N in-game help)

Zap drone

Normal zap drone

These fast moving guards have a deadly electric touch. Some even have upgraded nav software, which lets them run chasing algorithms!

The zap drone is the basic moving enemy of N, taking the form of a floating, blue octagon which can deliver a lethal shock on contact.


Seeker zap drone

There are two variants of the zap drone: the normal zap drone, and the seeker drone (which features an added antenna).

Functionally, the normal zap drone has a preprogrammed route that it follows regardless of player action, while the seeker drone will move towards the player at twice its roaming speed if the player enters its line of sight. It is possible to run through a seeker drone's line of sight without being seen, which is due to the seeker drone being directly between two tile spaces and therefore unable to change direction. It is beneficial to learn how to activate them when needed, and how to slip past without activating them.

Both kinds of zap drones are double-edged swords. Normal zap drones are generally easy to avoid in large, open levels, where they probably won't cause much trouble (for example, the 2 zap drones in 20-2: cavern). However, in a level with enclosed spaces, they can be exceptionally difficult to avoid without a strategy, such as in 29-1: deep breaths. Seeker drones are threatening in numbers and difficult terrain, and totally frustrating in unit-width areas, but their tracking ability can be taken advantage of to lure them out of bottlenecks.

There is one known trick for zap drones. If a normal door is opened with a zap drone next to the player, it will ignore the properties of the door and go right through it.